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Quicargo is rapidly growing internationally, YOU can become a part of this and take us to the next level We instantly connect companies that are in need of transportation to trucking companies that already have their trucks on the road! By doing this we increase efficiency in logistics, positively impact the environment and help transportation companies to increase their margins! But we would not be able to do this without our QC team, we are always looking for highly ambitious and enthusiastic teamplayers that want to change the game and impact the world of logistics and sustainability. 


How it all started...

Quicargo was founded by Israeli natives Avishai Trabelsi (CEO) and Roni Liberman  in the summer of 2016. Before founding the logistics startup, Avishai was the CEO of a family owned-transporting company in Israel. “When I realized that 50% of trucks in the industry were running empty, I decided to quit the family business and solve the problem on a global scale.” 

Quicargo has since raised over 6.5M and are already connected to businesses to more than 6,000 trucks from 270 carriers. Within our network alone, we’ve saved up to 2.45 million kilograms of CO2 and removed 110K unnecessary vehicles from the road.

Our headquarters are located in Amsterdam and we’re currently operating in Europe, with a focus on the Benelux area. We’re extremely proud and humbled by our impact so far,  and are excited to see what the future holds for us and the trucking industry.

Our mission

We disrupt the logistics industry by changing the way shippers and carriers work together!

Every year trucks running empty or partially empty create over half a trillion dollars of damage every year worldwide. It is a waste of fuel, it is a waste of cargo space, it increases pollution and traffic congestions causing more harm than we care to know. Besides that, because of this, there are more trucks on the road than necessary, meaning that we could contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by eliminating those empty trucks. This is how our mission ''no more empty trucks'' was born!

Our smart platform tackles the problem by connecting trucks that have unused cargo space with businesses that are in need of transportation for their goods - all while reducing traffic, CO2 emissions and economic damages!

The values that guide us

Open positions


Customer Success & Operations InternshipNetherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Customer Support Agent (Dutch Speaking)Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Data Analyst InternNetherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Marketing InternshipNetherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Medior Integration DeveloperNetherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Operations Supervisor (Dutch)Netherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Product InternNetherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam
Sales InternshipNetherlands, Noord-Holland, Amsterdam

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We are growing fast, so it will only be a matter of time before we open up a role that will fit your strengths and interests! Don't hesitate to contact us to let us know you would like to become a part of the QC team. You can email our HR Manager at

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Our office is located on the first floor of the the B. Amsterdam building.